Mauna Kea is a contemporary luxury label designed and handcrafted in Italy. Streetwear and underground subcultures are strictly connected with the brand values, while a continuous dialogue with nature and adventure is the main inspiration for the creative team. Colorful prints and patterns are the iconic elements of every collection, with special treatments that today can be defined as Mauna Kea must have: Tie Dye, Shibori, Vaporized Prints, Eco-Ethic Discolorations. Unusual graphic design is one of the key points, while volumes and silhouettes create contemporary looks. Performance fabrics and hi-tech materials complete Mauna Kea project.

The label Mauna Kea was founded on 1988 by an italian surfer: travelling around the world looking for the Big One (the well known wave), he felt in love with the main island in the Hawaiian archipelago, Mauna Kea. Thus, the label has grown, since becoming one of the coolest sportswear brand in the world. In the Nineties it has set the tone for one of the main trend of the moment, colorful prints. On 2013 the italian company Cool Farm has decided to invest in this project, acquiring 100% of the brand and re-launching it with a massive worldwide strategy. Cool Farm creative team has been involved in the re-branding, working closely with the most important Italian factories, keeping very high the quality of each collection item. Artisanal dyeing, unique tratments and craftmanshinp are still the main points inside the company, while maintaining a competitive price point.